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A new regional collaboration to support public health evaluation

Source: ncsem-em 05.07.22


A team from the Universities of Nottingham, Loughborough and Lincoln has been awarded £2.5 million by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to deliver evaluations of public health initiatives across the UK.

The Public Health Intervention Responsive Studies Team (PHIRST) scheme was launched in 2019, and funds academic teams to provide timely and accessible research to local authorities (LAs) that are keen to have their work evaluated. Each PHIRST group acts as a ‘ready to go’ evaluation team and delivers a rolling programme of evaluations in response to LA requests.

This collaboration, led by the University of Nottingham, is the fifth PHIRST award to be made by the NIHR, and provides funding for five years from early 2022. Each project will be run in collaboration with the relevant local authority, with co-designed plans and initiatives to build long term evaluative capacity in the LA itself.

The project team combines expertise and experience across public health, working with local and national government, community research, impact, and a range of research methodologies.



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