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Active Ageing Forum Notes - June 2020

Source: https://wecanmove.net/network/network-actve-ageing

25th June 2020

Our active ageing forum brings together organisations, from those providing care or services for older adults, to charities and volunteer groups. Together they share the same goal – helping older adults be active. 

Here are the information shared during the last meeting held on 25 June 2020. Find out more about the Active Ageing forum

Download the notes here: active-ageing-forum-notes-June-2020.pdf


Active Ageing Forum Notes

Session 1 – Kam Raval: Engaging Older People in Physical Activity
What are the barriers to participation for older people, specific to your organization?

  • De-training (older people losing their physical fitness) adding to anxieties about making a return to activity
  • Applying the STEP principles with the current COVID situation
  • Organisations not having the budget to support the least active and most under-represented groups with additional measures during this time
  • Transport considerations, post COVID, and during recovery
  • Low self esteem
  • Fear and anxiety around returning to facilities, or even stepping out of the home (frailty, long term health conditions)
  • Risk assessments being in place for providers to be able to make their services COVID secure
  • Prejudice e.g. social norms
  • Changes to instructor’s insurance to deliver activity


What are the potential solutions to overcome these barriers?

  • Training, workforce, access, information…
  • Accessing socially distanced walking sport activities
  • 1:1 support for those most in need
  • Making physical environment more accessible and welcoming for people with sensory impairment (and other impairments) to reduce existing anxiety surrounding COVID-19
  • Organisations ‘visibly’ opening up and sharing their process to instill confidence in those considering a return to activity. This may also give other organisations more confidence and a sense of belonging to a greater collective
  • Support with risk assessments for providers or anyone planning to return to facilities, or open their own facilities for general and physical activity use.
  • Guidance and funding alerts to support new and innovative approaches to returning to activity and supporting older people
  • MECC (Making Every Contact Count) training to better equip community organisations to support older people with concerns about safety, returning to ‘normal’, and building confidence
  • Consideration for how not everyone has access to online platforms or has the ability to use it. Potential for more phone contact, personal visits and posted literature

Feedback on Session 1

  • Good to share ideas
  • Less theory and more examples of action
  • Networking great and an understanding of everyone's adaptations and potential solutions. Future opportunity to discuss gaps in provision in each district
  • Awareness and fears after lockdown. Excellent slides and talk.
  • Always interesting to share ideas/ experiences
  • Useful: Hearing from other people, experience and use of EAST and STEPS
  • So many good ideas in the group to think about
  • It's been helpful to hear that everyone is finding the same things difficult. I'm always up for research links that back up our requests for funding!
  • Good session pity it wasn't longer although given the present circumstances understandable. Looking forward to the presentation papers and doing more research!
  • Useful to hear about the behaviour model 2. exploring barriers

Session 2 – Breakout room discussion and sharing

  • Parkinsons dance and MS dance takes place in Winchcombe, Tewkesbury, Cotswolds and Cheltenham and are run by "Be Social" in Winchcombe. Stopped at the moment due to COVID but they have funding for the qualified and trained Parkinsons Dance teacher
  • Springboard Facebook group do a range of social activity
  • I would like to see how the Parkinson's Dance idea works out for Stroud area and it is just nice seeing everyone again!
  • Digital innovation fund
  • Work guideposts has set up for our dementia groups in Gloucestershire


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