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Children’s Voices in Physical Activity Research: A Qualitative Review and Synthesis of UK Children’s Perspectives

Source: International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health




New paper published last week ‘Children’s voices in physical activity research: a qualitative review and synthesis of UK children’s perspectives’. https://mdpi-res.com/d_attachment/ijerph/ijerph-19-03993/article_deploy/ijerph-19-03993.pdf


We sought to understand what is currently known about 1) why children think physical activity is important, 2) the factors that children think influence their physical activity and 3) what children like when it comes to physical activity


Findings across the studies include children understanding the health benefits of physical activity, the importance of friendships and peers in determining activity levels and the promise of child-led activities for promoting higher physical activity levels


This review highlights key considerations for future research in terms of engaging more diverse populations in qualitative research, as well as some key considerations from researchers and policy makers when developing strategies targeting children’s physical activity

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