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Finland- Adult Mobility Recommendation - Now including sleep



Adult movement recommendation

Moving Health - Step by Step

The Weekly Exercise Recommendation for 18-64 year olds tells you the amount of weekly exercise that is good for your health and gives examples of how to increase your daily activity. At the same time, the ten-year-old fitness pie has become a popular adult exercise recommendation. 

A cone representing the popularity of adult movement, consisting of blocks

Figure 1: Weekly mobility recommendation for 18-64 year olds.

Data on Adult Mobility Recommendation


How Much Good to Move 
- A few minutes at a time is enough

There is an old, familiar core to the exercise recommendation: heart rate-increasing exercise, or vigorous exercise, is recommended for 2 hours 30 minutes a week. The same health benefits can also be gained by increasing the power of movement to be stressful. In this case, the amount of movement is 1 hour 15 minutes per week. Exercise and exercise should be exercised at least twice a week.

The requirement to move for at least 10 minutes has been removed from the revised Mobility Recommendation. Now just a few minutes at a time.

Top of adult cone recommendation cone

Figure 2: Familiar core of exercise recommendation: heart rate-increasing exercise and exercising.

Muscle fitness and movement management to support performance

at least 2 times a week

  • Load large groups of muscles and challenge your balance more than usual.
  • Choose your own routine such as stair walking, heavy yard work, group exercise, gym and ball games.

Brisk exercise for health 

at least 2 hours 30 minutes a week

  • Any movement that speeds up your heart rate is acceptable.
  • Choose your own routine like swimming, Nordic walking, gymnastics, dance and hiking.



Exercise for good condition

at least 1 hour and 15 minutes a week

  • You will get the same health benefits in less time as you increase the power of your exercise.
  • Choose your own way like running, biking, skiing and ball games. 



Moving is brisk if you can talk despite being out of breath.
Moving is tiring if you have difficulty breathing because of breathing.


Everyday offers many opportunities for movement
- All movement is counted

The renewed recommendation takes greater account of the importance of light movement, pausing at rest and adequate sleep. Research evidence has shown that lighter mobility also has health benefits, especially for those with reduced mobility. Even light exercise can lower blood sugar and fat levels, among other things. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and stretches muscles and joints. Exercise and pause at work should be done every day - the more often the better.

Adding sleep along with exercise is also a new recommendation in exercise. Sufficient sleep and exercise together have significant health effects and the impact of sleep on recovery is great. The updated exercise recommendation takes greater account of wellbeing.Bottom part of the Adult Movement Recommendation Conic

Figure 3: New part of the motion recommendation: light movement, pausing at rest and adequate sleep.

Light movement 

as often as possible

  • Every step is worth it: home chores, trade trips and other routines.
  • Your blood sugar and fat levels will improve, your joints will stretch, your blood circulation will increase and your mind will be refreshed.
  • Depending on the situation, choose, for example, stair use, dog walking, yard work, walking meetings, family activities.

Breaks in standing still

whenever you can

  • Exercise activates your muscles, reduces the strain on your body and increases the well-being of your musculoskeletal system.
  • Depending on the situation, choose for example sitting breaks, standing up, breaks.

Restful dream


  • It is not worth losing sleep. During sleep, your brain will structure your thoughts and recover from the stresses of the day.
  • When you wake up refreshed, you know you've slept enough.

 Go your own way. Every day.


Comprehensive research background

The new Finnish Mobility Recommendation is based on the American Recommendation, which was updated in 2018. The Mobility Recommendation from the US Health Service is based on comprehensive scientific evidence.

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