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Get Yourself Active releases Active at Home research

Source: Activity Alliance 08.10.21




Get Yourself Active has launched its Active at Home research – a report into the experiences of disabled people and people with long term health conditions around getting active during the COVID pandemic. The report focuses on learning the sport and leisure sector can take forward now restrictions have eased, to ensure facilities are as inclusive and accessible as possible.

This important study highlights how things have changed for disabled people during the coronavirus pandemic and what would support them to return to physical activity as we move towards normality.

Key findings from the research include:

·        Only 20% of those surveyed felt the resources provided to keep active at home were good enough. The report provides tips for creating more inclusive and accessible online resources.

·        During lockdown, 69% of disabled people preferred to get active inside. This places emphasis on providers to promote flexibility and continue to offer a variety of activities, both online and face to face.

·        Over half of respondents (55%) were supported to be active during the pandemic by friends, family and carers. Having this option when facilities open up (e.g. offering free/discounted access for family memberships) would help disabled people to continue their fitness goals outside the home.

Although the sport and leisure sector has now re-opened, the findings from the research have uncovered some key pieces of learning for those who want to increase disabled participation in their activities. 

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