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Health on Earth: a healthy planet benefits us all – World Health Day 2022

Source: World Health Organisation 07.04.22



On World Health Day (7th April), WHO/Europe called on everyone to come together and recognise the importance of the planet, for the sake of people’s health and that of the generations to come.

More than thirteen million deaths around the world, including 1.4 million in Europe each year, are caused by avoidable environmental factors, WHO estimates. This figure considers the accelerating climate crisis, which is the single biggest health threat facing humanity, but also includes air pollution, inadequate sanitation and clean water, exposure to chemicals and radiation and unsafe urban environments.

In many places, reduced economic and transport activities brought about by measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 resulted in the short term in cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions, less noise and greater safety for cyclists and pedestrians. This is proof that the power is in our hands to improve our environment, and that we can build back better as we recover from the pandemic.

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