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How can cities shape up? Encouraging healthy diets and active lifestyles in urban environments

Source: www.who.int   31/08/2022


City design impacts the physical, mental, and social well-being of communities around the world. A new report prepared by WHO/Europe in collaboration with Gehl design agency looks at ways to promote physical activity and healthy diets in urban settings, thereby putting health and well-being at the centre of city planning.

One key aspect is the design of the urban environment, which can encourage healthier behaviours in cities, as can strong policies that pull in the same direction across sectors. The report shares initiatives and projects already under way to increase walkability, bikeability, and safety in cities across the WHO European Region.

Many cities took advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to implement actions related to urban transport and mobility, as well as access to urban nature and green spaces. In Tbilisi, Georgia, several events were organized to promote public awareness of the damage caused by gas emissions from traffic. This included pedestrianizing one of the main streets in the city for a few days to give citizens a chance to discover different options for street use.


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