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Impact Report: Active Environments 2023

Impact Report: Active Environments 2023

What do we mean by ‘active environments’? Put simply, it describes everyone being active everywhere - not just in the places we might immediately think of, such as sports halls, swimming pools and pitches, or parks and open spaces, village halls, community centres and schools, but also the spaces we move through between our homes and the places we visit, or where we study and work.

Support for the concept of active environments is gathering pace:

  • Sport England have prioritised it as one of the five pillars of their 10 year strategy ‘Uniting the Movement’, underpinning the creation and
    protection of the places and spaces that make it easier for people to be active.
  • Active travel, an important component of active environments, has the dual benefit of getting people active while at the same time reducing carbon emissions – two key reasons for the growth in government support for the concept both nationally (through the recent creation of Active Travel England) and locally (Gloucestershire County Council’s ‘Think Travel’ programme, for example).

In this report we illustrate some of the diverse ways in which Active Gloucestershire is supporting the development of active environments both within our communities and across the wider physical activity system. You can read the full report by clicking the link below:

Active Environments Impact Report

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