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Source: Activity Alliance October 2022

About the project

As physical activity and sports recover following the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that disabled people are included and supported in organised activity. Working with BritainThinks, disabled people, and our members, we wanted to understand how barriers and motivations have changed for disabled people. And how providers can support and include disabled people as we recover and reinvent from this national crisis.


The research used an in-depth qualitative approach:

  • Desk review of previous research
  • Digital two-week online self-ethnography and accessible interviews with disabled people
  • Consultation meetings with Activity Alliance members and survey with activity providers
  • A co-production workshop with providers and disabled people.


The research findings will give people working in sport and activity an up-to-date understanding of the landscape and opportunities. Participants and providers came together to discuss recommendations on how to remove the barriers identified in this research. It presents the three main asks from disabled people to those providing and delivering activity.

Inclusive recovery - exec summary accessible PDF.pdf

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