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Source: Education Hub.blog.gov.uk 03/08/2022


The Department for Education has provided information on what you need to know about how schools are making sports accessible to all pupils, including football.

The National Curriculum for PE in schools does not differentiate in relation to sex, but schools may choose to have single-sex PE lessons or sports teams.

The blog states

Source: Gov.uk 18.03.22



Ofsted has published its research review into Physical Education (PE), the latest in a series of reviews into different subjects across the curriculum. The review draws on a range of sources, to identify factors that can contribute to high-quality school PE curriculum, assessment, pedagogy and systems. This understanding of subject quality will be used to examine how PE is ta

Source: Active your class EU Nov 2021




A new European physically active learning (PAL) teacher training curriculum has been launched. The curriculum has been developed as part of a six nation partnership project, called ACTivate. The objective of the project is to co-create, with teachers and other school stakeholders, an innovative European-wide open access PAL education programme, web portal and community of practice.

The curri