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Mental Health Champion Toolkit from MIND


Download the toolkit here - mental-health-champion-toolkit-full-version.pdf

link to document on MIND website https://www.mind.org.uk/about-us/our-policy-work/sport-physical-activity-and-mental-health/champions-for-sport-and-physical-activity/

This toolkit is for organisations, clubs and groups in the sport and physical
activity sector that want to support the mental health of their members,
participants, staff and volunteers. It introduces the idea of mental health
champions, and provides guidance on establishing a mental health champions

Research shows that being active improves our mental health and reduces our risk
of developing depression by up to 30%. It can also support and enable mental health
recovery, and should be one of the first treatments recommended by doctors for mild to
moderate depression.

With one in four of us experiencing a mental health problem each year, it’s a vital issue
to address. But we know it can be hard to start the conversation with coaches and
instructors. In fact, almost 70% of people with mental health problems told us they wouldn’t
feel comfortable talking about their mental health in a sports setting1
People who work and volunteer within the sector also find it hard to talk openly about
mental health, and to get support. The Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Mental Health
(SPAWMH) Survey from Edge Hill University in association with DOCIAsport and supported
by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (2019) found:

• 57% of respondents had experienced mental health problems at some
point in their lives.
• 23% were experiencing mental health problems at the time of completing
the survey.
• 35% of respondents knew of others within their organisation who were
experiencing a diagnosed mental health problem, with 75% reporting they
knew between one and three people.
• 17% of respondents had received support for their mental health from
someone in their organisation.

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