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New activity cards to deliver inclusive, challenging and fun PE sessions

Source: Activity Alliance 17.02.22



The Activity Alliance and partners have released a series of inclusive PE activity cards for teachers and school staff. The cards are jam-packed with fun games and activities, and support teachers to ensure their PE sessions are inclusive and accessible for all school pupils.

Created with the PE curriculum in mind, the games and activities are designed to support pupils to be physically active and to lead healthy, active lives. They encourage pupils to use their physical health and fitness, social, creative, cognitive and personal abilities. Activities for young age groups also feature numeracy and literacy elements.

The activity cards cater for all age groups and school development stages, for example Foundation to Key Stage 4 in England. With 25 games and activities across five different categories there’s plenty of choice for teachers and pupils. The categories include warm up games, fundamental skills, striking and fielding skills, invasion games, and net, court and wall games.

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