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Source: https://richmondgroupofcharities.org.uk/news/new-animation-taskforce-multiple-conditions

5th August 2020

Today we have launched our new animation which aims to promote understanding of why ensuring better support for the 1 in 4 people in England living with multiple long-term conditions is so important.  As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and in the context of  ‘reset’ conversations the Taskforce on Multiple Conditions has continued its work to bring a system-wide focus to this issue.

You can watch the video below or via the Richmond Group YouTube channel.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of prioritising the challenges associated with multimorbidity. It has also placed a spotlight on long standing issues of health inequalities which we know to be both a cause and consequence of multiple long-term conditions. The burden of this pandemic is not being shouldered equally and neither is the burden of living with, and caring for people living with, multiple long-term conditions.

This animation builds on previous insight work from the Taskforce, including the Guidebook on Multiple Conditions, published in the Autumn of 2019. We are currently revisiting the case study sites featured in the Guidebook and will be publishing a report this Autumn looking at where these services are now.

We hope this animation raises awareness of how and why multiple conditions represent a major health and social issue that needs addressing across sectors and at both national and local level. As we reimagine services, we need a system wide focus on multimorbidity.

Please share it on social media, including the #MultipleSolutions hashtag, and with your colleagues and networks. We are keen to generate wider conversations on this topic so if you have ideas or opportunities to share with the Taskforce please do get in touch with Eve Riley: ERiley@macmillan.org.uk.

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