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New research highlights need for Ramblers’ work to open the way for all walkers

Source: Ramblers.org 28.01.22



Walking outdoors grew during the pandemic and isn’t stopping. Ninety-two percent of UK adults agree it’s a popular, ‘on trend’ hobby, according to research conducted for the Ramblers. Over 78% felt their mental health would have suffered without walks whilst, 70% said that the simple pleasures of walking helped them to clear their head.

The new research also highlighted the value of the Ramblers’ 86-year-old aim to open the way so everyone can enjoy walking. It also revealed that 52% of people felt apprehensive about walking in the countryside citing getting lost not knowing where they can walk as reasons.

To address these issues, the Ramblers is calling on Government for equality of access to the countryside, expanding the number of walking groups for younger walkers and keeping paths clear and well-maintained for everyone to enjoy, amongst other things.

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