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Participants needed for exercise and breast cancer study

Researchers at Loughborough University are looking for participants to take part in a study looking at the effects of exercise on breast cancer cells. Research has shown that exercise can reduce the risk of developing 13 different cancers, including breast cancer, through altering proteins called cytokines and hormones in the blood. This exercise-induced change in these proteins may be able to prevent a key process in the development of cancer.

This study is investigating if exercised serum from healthy individuals can help prevent this key process in laboratory breast cancer cells. Participants will be asked to visit Loughborough University and conduct four exercise trials on a bike in laboratory conditions. Participants will receive a free VO2max assessment.

Participants can be any gender. They must be aged 18-40 years, a non-smoker and have no underlying health conditions. Please note: this study will NOT be looking at individuals’ risk of cancer development.

For further information please email:
Jonathon Mok J.mok-18@student.lboro.ac.uk
MJ Brown M.J.Brown2@lboro.ac.uk


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