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Source: https://www.afpe.org.uk/physical-education/primary-pe-and-sport-premium-to-continue-at-320-million-for-2020-21/

5th July 2020

We are delighted to report that the Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed today that the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding will continue at £320 million for the 2020/21 academic year.

Importantly, the DfE has also sanctioned any Primary PE and Sport Premium funding from the current academic year (2019-20), that schools were unable to use, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, can be carried forward to utilise in the next academic year.

The Premium is designed to help children get an active start in life, supporting primary schools to improve the quality of their PE and sport provision so that pupils experience the benefits of regular exercise – from becoming healthier both mentally and physically to improved behaviour and better academic achievement. The funding is a ring-fenced grant for English primary schools to provide additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE, sport and physical activity. Allocations to schools are determined by a formula based on pupil numbers. The average one form entry primary school will receive roughly £18,000 per year.

Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, said:

“During these challenging times, it has become clearer to me than ever the importance of keeping active and how it benefits not just our physical health but also our ability to pay attention, our mood and our mental health too.”


“Every family will have had a different experience of the pandemic, and I know that many children will have missed time spent outdoors with their friends – that’s why it’s so important that ahead of a full return to school in September, schools get the certainty they need to prepare their PE and sports activities for next year.”

Sue Wilkinson MBE, afPE’s CEO said:

“afPE is delighted that the Department for Education has now clarified the latest position with regard to concerns about the Primary PE and Sport Premium; it is now confirmed that the investment for the next academic year is £320 million, which is ring fenced for PE and sport.”


“The government’s commitment since 2013 has demonstrated the significance of Physical Education and School Sport and in light of current circumstances further investment is crucial. This acknowledgment is testament to the importance of PE, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) in ensuring the best outcomes for all children and young people (C&YP) are achieved.”


“There is irrefutable research, anecdotal evidence and first hand experiences from a plethora of people, including the former England rugby international Jason Robinson OBE, on the difference that PESSPA can make to the lives of C&YP. The impact on cognitive, physical and behavioural competencies is incredible and the afPE, ‘Head, Hands, Heart’’ model clearly articulates this. All children and young people are entitled to a statutory high quality PE curriculum that develops, for example, physical competence, confidence, leadership skills, resilience and character; it also provides opportunities to engage in school sport and daily physical activity in line with the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendations.”


“The COVID–19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone and the repercussions are as yet unknown, but early research clearly illustrates there is significant impact on C&YP’s emotional and physical well being. Unless they feel safe, secure, happy and confident any cognitive development and learning could be hampered and/or compromised. When C&YP ‘want to do’ something as opposed to ‘have to do’ something there is a significant difference in progress and attainment; therefore it is imperative that by working together we deliver the best PESSPA outcomes for all which includes supporting and developing a high quality sustainable workforce.”

Click HERE to view a statement from the Chair of the afPE BoardMike Crichton.

Click HERE to view the DfE guidance on the full opening of schools in September. PE specific COVID-19 support will be published by afPE imminently. This will follow on from our current support tools/webinar.

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