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Source: https://sportengland-production-files.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/sport-england-towards-an-active-nation.pdf

May 2016


Foreword from Tracey Crouch MP


At its heart lies an unwavering focus on how publicly funded sport can work better for the taxpayer, benefitting people across the country.

Our focus in the future will be on the benefits that sport can bring to people and to society, built around a simple set of outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development. Public funding will be directed to delivering these outcomes and success will be measured against improvements in each of them.

We will be working to maximise sporting success at home and internationally, to get more people from every background regularly and meaningfully involved in sport, and to deliver a more productive, sustainable and responsible sport sector.

The sporting landscape has changed enormously in the last decade with shifting social patterns giving rise to new activities while others decline in popularity due, in part, to unprecedented pressure on leisure time and competing demands for people’s attention. Any new strategy has to tackle
these changes head on.

This is what Sport England’s new investment strategy seeks to do: put the customer first, focus on those least active and transform how sport is delivered
across the country. We should notunderestimate the scale of the change that is needed across the sector, but we should also see this as an opportunity to
do what we do well even better. It is the beginning of an exciting journey, but the transformation will not happen overnight.

The legacy of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games has built the foundations for this new strategy.

London 2012 propelled this country into the sporting superpower bracket and it is this momentum on which so much of our new strategy is based. The new, stronger role for volunteering – capitalising on the phenomenon of the Games Makers. The strengthening of our support for major sporting events – helping to inspire a nation to take part in sport. The focus on under-represented groups – founded in what the Paralympics showcased so fantastically, that sport is for everyone.

Sport in this country runs broader and more deeply than the legacy of London 2012, though. It can have an impact on almost every aspect of everyone’s life and it is this potential that we in Government, along with Sport England and the sport sector, will seek to achieve. Working together we can fulfil the ambition of a truly active nation.

Tracey Crouch MP
Minister for Sport, Tourism and Heritage

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