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Women In Sport March 2023

Sport, Stereotypes and Stolen Dreams - why girls still feel they don't belong in sport

11442588279?profile=RESIZE_400xGirls deserve a positive start point with sport and physical activity. We want them to develop a real passion for being active so that they can enjoy it throughout their lives.

Currently, girls are starting out surrounded by expectations that will limit their enjoyment of and participation in sport and physical activity. By the time they are teenagers many girls have already decided that they do not ‘belong’ in sport, confidence and self-efficacy are on the decline, and perceptions of themselves as sporty or not sporty are often cemented and hard to reverse. This gap continues into girls’ adult lives, with women and girls of every age group being less likely to be active than boys and men.

We strongly believe that ‘getting it right’ at an early age is key. Our insight starts to build an understanding of how to provide girls the best possible start-point, nurturing girls’ competence and self-belief from a young age to build resilience and kick-start a life-long love of being active.

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