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Study will seek to improve psychosocial skills of ‘Gen Z’ athletes

Source: NCSEM 27.01.22


Research by academics at Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University could improve the chances of success for the UK’s ‘Generation Z’ athletes – by helping them  to develop skills such as dealing with adversity and improving communication. The research aims to support coaches in bringing more psychosocial training to athletes’ development.

Generation Z has excellent technological skills, but faces challenges around resilience, confidence, independence, and communication. The study will focus on swimming, a sport through which youngsters specialise early. It will look at swimmers aged 15-18, which captures the stage during which they transition from junior to senior competition 

The work will involve workshops and focus groups with swimming coaches to understand their experiences of coaching young athletes. Researchers will then work with coaches individually, exploring how best to deliver psychosocial training in their coaching. 

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