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Talking To Your Child About Weight

University of Bath, 2023

Talking to Children about Weight_2023.pdf

Healthy weight Digital Leaflet.pdf


The aim of this guide is to help parents and caregivers talk with their children about weight in a positive way. It gives tips and advice on what to say and do to help children be healthy and feel good about their bodies. This guidance is for parents and caregivers of children of all shapes and sizes.

"There are times when you may decide it is useful to talk with your child about their weight.  Talking openly about weight rather than avoiding the topic can help to build trust and stops it feeling like something to be ashamed about. Children want to know if they are overweight or not and want their parents to help them to be healthy. Children will hear about weight from many different places – in school, from friends, on TV, online. You can help them to see that what they hear about weight is not always right. Talking to you about their weight could be your child’s only chance to ask questions openly and learn about their weight and health."

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