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University of Nottingham scientists team up with the public in new mental health research project

Source: NCSEM 1st June 21



Experts from the University of Nottingham will collaborate with members of the public on a new research project that will help reshape our understanding of mental health issues, thanks to funding from UKRI.

Mike Slade, Professor of Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion, from the School of Health Sciences at the University and the Institute of Mental Health, will lead the first citizen science and mental health study - the Citizen Science To Achieve Coproduction at Scale (C-STACS), thanks to the largest public engagement grant ever awarded by UKRI.

C-STACS is one of five research projects being funded by UKRI across the UK, totalling £1.46million, where the public are directly involved in the research process. The projects will involve collaborations between a diverse range of organisations including universities, museums, arts organisations, city councils, mental health charities and grassroots community groups.

Each project will enlist members of the public to actively conduct research that will inform their findings. C-STACS will drive innovation in the treatment of mental health issues and the support available to enable people to live as well as possible

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