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October 2020

Source: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/

This study sets out to identify key elements of whole system approaches to building healthy communities and putting communities at the heart of public health, with a focus on public health practice to reduce health inequalities.

In terms of findings on context, interviewees
described two main starting points for this work. First, that
health inequalities were getting worse within local areas
and that leaders had consequently agreed that a radical
approach was needed, aligned to redesign of services
across the system. There was a recognition that what had
been traditionally provided was not working.

Second, interviewees reported the need to reduce demand on
services due to diminishing resources and growing population need.

An important context emerging from each
evidence source was around austerity and the effect on
people’s health, community strengths and vitality, and
the impact of cuts to the services that were previously
addressing these.

Read the full report: 

Stansfield et al. (2020) Whole system approach in community PH.pdf

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