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What you need to know about PE and access to football on the curriculum

Source: Education Hub.blog.gov.uk 03/08/2022


The Department for Education has provided information on what you need to know about how schools are making sports accessible to all pupils, including football.

The National Curriculum for PE in schools does not differentiate in relation to sex, but schools may choose to have single-sex PE lessons or sports teams.

The blog states it is for schools to decide which sports and physical activities they offer their pupils. Factors influencing that decision include the spaces available for sports, along with available equipment. Schools should also take their pupils’ views into account on which activities they want to be able to do, and make sure they are delivering a flexible, diverse and challenging PE curriculum that suits the needs of all their pupils.

Where schools choose to offer different sports to girls and boys, for example to respond to demand, DfE expect them to make every effort to offer a comparable sport which uses similar tactics and has similar objectives, i.e attacking and defending strategies.



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