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World Health Day: Supporting people with health conditions to be active

Source: Sport England 07.04.22



On World Health Day (7th April), Sport England with the Richmond Group of Charities, called on the sport and physical activity sector to help more people with long term health conditions to be active, knowing the benefits it can have on their health.

Sport England, has launched a new resource pack that collates the latest research on the barriers to activity for people with long-term health conditions, highlights key benefits of promoting physical activity to this group and provides examples of practical changes to support improved accessibility and inclusion.

More than 40% of the adult population live with at least one long-term health condition and this group is twice as likely to be inactive as those without conditions. The removal of coronavirus restrictions presents an opportunity for the sport and physical activity sector to reinvent and ensure they are meeting the needs of the least active people, who live with multiple health conditions.

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