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New Move More strategy

Source: Move More Sheffield June 21




Sheffield’s Move More Month 2021 is being recognised this June with the launch of a new physical activity strategy that sets out a clear vision and mission which unites the city’s residents with a shared purpose to create a healthier, happier and more connected Sheffield.
The renewed approach comes in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen health inequalities get worse in Sheffield with the most disadvantaged areas and communities being disproportionately affected.
The strategy outlines a Move More vision which is not the responsibility of single organisations, leaders or groups, but a ‘joint endeavour and everyone has a role to play’. It recognises that enabling people in Sheffield to live healthy, active lives is an important part of the city’s pandemic recovery, and that building physical activity into everyday life will encourage health resilience and help to create a more inclusive and prosperous economy for the future.
Move More is part of NCSEM Sheffield’s work on physical activity and population health. It is an evidence-based, city-wide public health programme, which aims to re-engineer physical activity back into daily life through meaningful changes to the physical and social environment of a city, including communities, schools, workplaces and transport infrastructure.

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