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Source: NCSEM 11.01.22



Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity - Feedback form Andrea Vincze.docx

A joint report from the Sport for Development Coalition and Mind has recommended initiating a new cross-Government strategy to strengthen the use of physical activity and sport to support mental health and wellbeing following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Source: Sport England 02.12.21



Sport England has published the next three years of the ten-year Uniting the Movement strategy 2022-2025, describing the strategy to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity

Building on the lessons learned from their work throughout the pandemic, Sport 

Source: Sport England 17.11.2021


Sport England has announced that £6.5 million pounds from the National Lottery will be used to improve facilities and increase access to community sports in the West Midlands as part of a legacy from the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

This money is part of a wider investment of more than £30 million into Birmingham 2022, which is dedicated to upgrading physical activity

Source: Move More Sheffield June 21




Sheffield’s Move More Month 2021 is being recognised this June with the launch of a new physical activity strategy that sets out a clear vision and mission which unites the city’s residents with a shared purpose to create a healthier, happier and more connected Sheffield.
The renewed approach comes in the wake of

Source: Activity Alliance 9 June 21



Special Olympics GB is delighted to reveal its new four-year strategy. Called Inclusion in Action, the new strategy firmly places athletes at the heart of Special Olympics GB, with a clear vision to drive sustainability and growth across every aspect of the organisation. While increasing advocacy and influence externally to help more of the 1.5 million people liv

Source: Sport England 12 May 2021



Uniting the Movement .pdf


Sport England has published a one-year action plan to help kickstart the process of delivering its long-term strategy, Uniting the Movement. It outlines the work to be done to the end of March 2022, supported by a set of goals – these are the things Sport