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Source: UK Active 23.06.22




ukactive has called on the Government and its partners to work with the fitness and leisure sector to get the nation’s workforce physically active, as new research from Deloitte shows i

Source: Activity Alliance 30.05.22




Activity Alliance Annual Survey was launched in 2019 to provide a greater understanding about disabled people’s attitudes towards and involvement in sport and physical activity.

More than 1,800 disabled and non-disabled adults aged 16+ took part in the largest survey of its kind,

Source: MDPI 24.05.22


Potts et al. (2022) Embedded Researchers as Part of a Whole Systems Approach to Physical Activity.pdf


Whole systems approaches are increasingly being advocated as a way of responding to complex public health priorities such as obesity and physical inactivity. Due to the complex and
adaptive nature of such systems, researchers are increasingly being embedded within host organisations (i.e., those which facilitate the whole systems appr

Source; Sport England 28.04.22



Activity levels are starting to recover following large drops caused by coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic restrictions, the latest Active Lives Adult Survey report shows.

Covering the period between November 2020 and November 2021, the results show that while activity levels obviously dropped because of restrictions designed to stop the spread of the virus, they then stabilised and are

Source: Mind 07.04.22




Following the recent publication Mind’s ‘Mental Health in Elite Sport’ report, the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation steering group has issued its own ‘Seven Years of Changing Culture’ report highlighting the progress made across the wider sports and recreation sector since 201

Source: NHS March 2022


Intro and data sections - Core20slides.pptx




The most deprived 20% of the national population as identified by the national Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). The IMD has seven domains with indicators accounting for a wide range of social determinants of health.


  • Integrated Care System (ICS)-determined population groups experiencing

Source: Youth Sport Trust 22.02.22




Young people reported feeling happier, more confident, and more physically active after participating in programmes run by the Youth Sport Trust, last year. The charity’s 2021 annual Impact Report also shows the positive impact its programmes had on young people’s communication, teamworking and leader

Source: Sustrans 16.02.22




A new report Paths for everyone: Three years on, provides an update on the work of Sustrans across the UK to improve the access, safety and public appeal of the National Cycle Network across the UK's nations and regions.

Key statistics from the report show that 72% of users stated the Network is their best option for transport, with 95

Source: Sport England 17.02.22



A new report is calling on organisations to work collectively in using existing insight to develop opportunities for people with long-term health conditions to be active. Produced by the Richmond Group of Charities, the report is an evaluation of its Movement for All project that began in 2018.

It was funded by an initial £1.3 million inve

Source:Gov.uk 16.02.22




The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) has published the UK Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines for disabled ch

Source: Activity Alliance 20.01.22




A new report Understanding the physical activity needs o

Source: UK Active 12.01.22



A new report published by ukactive ‘Leading the Change: social prescribing within the fitness and leisure sector’, calls for the Government and its agencies to realise the potential of fitness and leisure facilities to support people through social p

Source: NCSEM 11.01.22



Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity - Feedback form Andrea Vincze.docx

A joint report from the Sport for Development Coalition and Mind has recommended initiating a new cross-Government strategy to strengthen the use of physical activity and sport to support mental health and wellbeing following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ‘M

Source: Sport England 14.12.21


Sport England Field Tables 19_20.pdf

Sport England regional breakdown.pdf


New statistics show that Sport England, has continued to protect and improve playing fields across the country as part of its mission to get the nation more active.

The protection of playing fields is a key part of Sport England’s remit as a statutory consultee on planning applications. As part of

Source: UK Active 14.12.21




ukactive and Sport England have announced plans to design a new knowledge programme to help fitness and leisure operators improve their digital maturity and effectiveness, in respon

Source: Greenspace Scotland Dec 2021


Greenspace Scotland Report.pdf


A new report, ‘The State of the UK Public Parks’, published by the Association for Public Service Excellence, finds that from 2010 onwards parks budgets have reduced by £690 million, leading to industry calls to stem this decline and leverage new investment in these valuable local community assets. With local counc

Source: Sustrans 01.12.21



Sustran’s Active School Travel Programme in Northern Ireland has increased the number of children walking, wheeling and cycling to school, under a programmed funded by the Public Health Agency and the Department for Infrastructure

Schools’ officers worked with more than 200 schools to buck the worrying trend of most primary age schoo

Source: Richmond group of charities Nov 2021



The Taskforce on Multiple Conditions is an ambitious cross-sector partnership between The Richmond Group of Charities, The Royal College of General Practitioners and Impact on Urban Health.

Our overarching aim is for people with multiple long-term health problems to live as well as possible for as long as possible, because the followi

Source: Sports Marketing Surveys


This report looks at how women’s experiences of different sports change through their life stages and identifies opportunities for the sector to help more women enjoy a longer and more connected sporting journey. We hope the insights in the report will help to change the narrative in women’s sport from “I wish I had returned sooner” to “I returned as soon as I was ready!” 

Source: BMJ Nov 2021



The benefits of physical activity for people living with long-term conditions (LTCs) are well established. However, the risks of physical activity are less well documented. The fear of exacerbating symptoms and causing adverse events is a persuasive barrier to physical activity in this population.

This work aimed to agree clear statements for use by healthcare professionals about