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Source: MDPI 24.05.22


Potts et al. (2022) Embedded Researchers as Part of a Whole Systems Approach to Physical Activity.pdf


Whole systems approaches are increasingly being advocated as a way of responding to complex public health priorities such as obesity and physical inactivity. Due to the complex and
adaptive nature of such systems, researchers are increasingly being embedded within host organisations (i.e., those which facilitate the whole systems appr

Source: The BMJ 26.01.22



Physical inactivity, an activity level insufficient to meet current recommendations, has a large impact on global public health, as it is one of the major risk factors for non-communicable diseases and is estimated to be responsible for 9% of all premature deaths globally. Physical activity, any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure, has been quantified with physical activity monito

Source: British journal of sports medicine 29.06.2021




Objectives Although both physical inactivity and poor sleep are deleteriously associated with mortality, the joint effects of these two behaviours remain unknown. This study aimed to investigate the joint association of physical activity (PA) and sleep with all-cause and cause-specific mortality risks.

Methods 380 055 participants aged 55.9 (8.

Source: UK Active 20/02/2021


Britain’s national lockdown has become a national sit-down, with 42% of UK adults admitting they are sitting for at least 14 hours longer a week, a new poll from ukactive has revealed.

Motivation to exercise is now at a record low for many Brits, as the closure of gyms, pools and leisure fa