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Source: Street Games May 21


Street Games may 21.pdf

A new report from StreetGames Wales offers important new insight on the impact and effectiveness of youth social prescribing in Wales.

In March 2021, StreetGames was commissioned by Sport Wales to conduct a rapid review of youth social prescribing in Wales, with a focus on the links to sport and physical activity interventions. The rapid review set out to pro

The mechanisms underlying the antidepressant effects of exercise remain in debate; however, the efficacy of exercise in decreasing symptoms of depression has been well established. Data regarding the positive mood effects of exercise involvement, independent of fitness gains, suggest that the focus should be on frequency of exercise rather than duration or intensity until the behavior has been well established. Source: NCBI, 2014
The BCR Pair of ACEs tree image grew out of the need to illustrate the relationship between adversity within a family and adversity within a community. The leaves on the tree represent the ‘symptoms’ of ACEs that are easily recognized in clinical, educational and social service settings, such as a well child visit or a pre-school classroom. Adverse childhood experiences can increase a person’s risk for chronic stress and adverse coping mechanisms, and result in lifelong chronic illness such
This guide is provided as additional information to help PCNs introduce the new role of social prescribing link worker into their multi-disciplinary teams as part of the expansion to the primary care workforce introduced under the GP contract reforms, using the new national funding available from July 2019, as part of the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES). It builds on the local system guidance provided in the Social Prescribing and Community Based Support Summary Guide.1 It shoul

Social prescribing and community-based support

PDF attachment NHS Guidance 2019 social-prescribing-community-based-support-summary-guide.pdf

A short introduction to the document is below: please download the PDF or go to >> https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/social-prescribing-community-based-support-summary-guide.pdf  for full article


Social prescribing and community-based support is part of the NHS Long-Term Plan’s commitment to make personalised care business

This report highlights the role the National Association of Link Workers (NALW) can play in coordinating link worker support and development across the UK and providing peer support, networking and professional development support that link workers need whilst juggling all the relationships, information and skills that they need in order to keep successfully supporting their service users.
Over the past few years, the field of social prescribing has grown rapidly and along with it, the need to capture and quantify the impact of social prescribing on individuals. There are challenges to integrating measurement into practice, especially for social prescribing. This is now a broad term which incorporates a range of conditions and situations that extend well beyond healthcare and into the wider determinants of health. Whilst we now have an agreed architecture in England, of social p