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Over the past few years, the field of social prescribing has grown rapidly and along with it, the need to capture and quantify the impact of social prescribing on individuals. There are challenges to integrating measurement into practice, especially for social prescribing. This is now a broad term which incorporates a range of conditions and situations that extend well beyond healthcare and into the wider determinants of health. Whilst we now have an agreed architecture in England, of social p
Men’s and women’s accounts suggested variations in men’s need for, and utilisation of, partner support in order to make changes to dietary practices and physical activity. There were also differences in descriptions of women’s involvement in men’s behaviour changes. Typologies were developed categorising men as ‘resolute’, ‘reliant’/‘receptive’ and ‘non-responsive’ and women as ‘very involved’, ‘partially involved’ and ‘not involved’. Source: https://bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/1