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Source; Sport England 28.04.22



Activity levels are starting to recover following large drops caused by coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic restrictions, the latest Active Lives Adult Survey report shows.

Covering the period between November 2020 and November 2021, the results show that while activity levels obviously dropped because of restrictions designed to stop the spread of the virus, they then stabilised and are

Source: CIMSPA 05.05.22



With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted across the UK, CIMSPA have put together a guide to help everyone in sport and physical activity understand what the latest government guidance is.

The guide, which is updated regularly, contains the latest guidance and restrictions in the four home countries.

Source: uk active 19.03.22



ukactive has raised concerns with Government about the threat to the nation’s health and wellbeing as gyms, pools and leisure facilities report facing an energy bill hike of up to 150%. The energy crisis has hit the fitness and leisure sector at a time when facilities are still recovering fro

Source: Sport England 10.03.22



Sport England has announced the first group of 43 partners it is working with to deliver system-wide change under the Uniting the Movement Strategy to level up access to sport and physical activity across the country. Partners - who have all committed to tackling inequalities - will receive a total of £193 million of National Lottery and government funding between

Source: Activity Alliance 16.02.22



Special Olympics GB is set to return to full-scale competition, with the largest celebration of intellectual disability sport in Great Britain in a brand-new format called The Special Olympics GB Summer Series of Sport, following the pandemic.

The competition will consist of single and multi-sport events over a minimum of 12 sports, including athletics, sw

Source: Sustrans 16.02.22




A new report Paths for everyone: Three years on, provides an update on the work of Sustrans across the UK to improve the access, safety and public appeal of the National Cycle Network across the UK's nations and regions.

Key statistics from the report show that 72% of users stated the Network is their best option for transport, with 95

Source: UK Active 12.01.22



A new report published by ukactive ‘Leading the Change: social prescribing within the fitness and leisure sector’, calls for the Government and its agencies to realise the potential of fitness and leisure facilities to support people through social p

Source: The Physiological Society / Centre for Ageing Better - Dec 2021

National-Post-Pandemic-Resilience-Programme_Dec 2021.pdf


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on lives and livelihoods in the UK and across the world. In addition to the direct consequences through lives lost and debilitating effects of Long COVID, the pandemic and lockdowns will have longterm effects on an array of public health issues. While the Omicron variant may yet require additional restrictions to be reintro

Source: NHS 24.12.21

B1160 - 2022-23 priorities and operational planning guidance_24 December 2021.pdf

Briefing ICS Timetable_.pdf

In 2022/23 the NHS will continue to rise to the challenges of restoring services, meeting the new care demands and reducing the care backlogs that are a direct consequence of
the pandemic. While the future pattern of COVID-19 transmission and the resulting demands on the NHS remain uncertain, we know we need to continue to increase our
capacity and resilience to delive

Source: NCSEM 11.01.22



Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity - Feedback form Andrea Vincze.docx

A joint report from the Sport for Development Coalition and Mind has recommended initiating a new cross-Government strategy to strengthen the use of physical activity and sport to support mental health and wellbeing following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ‘M

Source: Greenspace Scotland Dec 2021


Greenspace Scotland Report.pdf


A new report, ‘The State of the UK Public Parks’, published by the Association for Public Service Excellence, finds that from 2010 onwards parks budgets have reduced by £690 million, leading to industry calls to stem this decline and leverage new investment in these valuable local community assets. With local counc

Source: Ramblers.org 06.12.21



New statistics revealed by the Ramblers show the value we are placing on getting fresh air and enjoying being out in nature through walking this winter.

As we go into another festive season overshadowed by the threat of Covid-19 and other seasonal viruses, getting some fresh air is the most popular motivating reason for walking for leisure -- it was cited by seven ou

Source: Gloucestershire County Council Oct 21


Economic Dashboard October 2021 v2.pptx

The past 9-months has created a shock that will test the economic resilience of our county for years to come. The repercussions of Covid-19 are still being felt by businesses and communities on a global scale and the full extent of the

Source: Sport England 21.10.21


Active lives survey.pdf


The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on activity levels throughout England, but has been most acute across disadvantaged groups and areas of high deprivation.

Sport England’s latest Active Lives Adult Survey, published today, covers the period from mid-May 2020 to mid-May 2021, which includes periods of na

Source: The Lancet 06.10.21


Disability cohort study.pdf


People with learning disabilities are at substantially increased risk of COVID-19 mortality, but evidence on risks of COVID-19 mortality for disabled people more generally is limited. We aimed to use population-level data to estimate the association between self-reported disability and death involving COVID-19 during the first two waves of the COVID-19 pan

Source: UK Active 20.09.21



Less than a third (27%) of UK adults say they are as physically fit as they would like to be following the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research commissioned by ukactive.

ukactive’s poll of just over 2,000 adults, conducted by Savanta ComRes**, found that over a quarter (27%) said they

Source: Wiley Online Library 11.08.2021



To contain the recent COVID-19 outbreak restrictions have been imposed, which has limited outdoor activity. These physical behaviour changes can have serious health implications, but there is little objective information quantifying these changes. This study aimed to estimate the change in physical behaviour levels during full lockdown conditions using objective data collected from a thigh-worn activi

Source: Gov.uk 29.07.2021




This report is about population mental health and wellbeing in England during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes up-to-date information to inform policy, planning and commissioning in health and social care. It is designed to assist stakeholders at nat

Source: Gov.uk 30.07.2021



This research, published by the Department for Transport, explores how to increase cycling behaviour following COVID-19 travel disruption.

The research sets out to develop policy options to convert high levels of cycling during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic into more long-term travel habits.

The report sets out

Source: iser March 2021


School closures have been one of the most dramatic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on society. Concerns about the impact of school closures on children’s learning were raised early on in the pandemic and work continues to mitigate lost learning. There is also widespread concern about the de