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Source: www.activityalliance.org.uk   02/09/2022


Wheels for All specialises in supporting disabled people to cycle at their inclusive cycling centres across England and Wales. As well as supporting a large number of independent cycling programmes to deliver inclusive cycling opportunities. This involves providing adapted bikes and trained staff and volunteers to make cycling as fun

Source: www.livingstreets.org.uk   31/08/2022


New data released on 31 August 2022 shows more needs to be done to meet the Government’s targets around active travel.

Living Streets is calling for continued investment in walking and cycling to ensure targets are met, and the health and environmental benefits of increased walking and cycling can be realised. 

The Government published its s

Source: GOV.UK 06/07/22



The second cycling and walking investment strategy (CWIS2) outlines the government’s ambition to make cycling and walking the natural choices for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey by 2040.

The aims and targets in CWIS1, alongside the vision set out in Gear change (2020), have informed the government's revised set of objectives to:

  • increase the percentage

Source: Sustrans 17.06.22



Sustrans have partnered with Bosch eBike Systems to introduce electric bike charging stations on National Cycle Network routes across the UK. The charging stations will give e-bike riders the confidence to take long distance trips across the British countryside.

The charging stations are known as PowerStations and are placed in key locat

Source: Gov.uk 10.03.22



The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed £20 million of funding for Bikeability which aims to promote active travel and provide cycle training to half a million children and their families. The scheme has trained over 3.6 million children since 2007 and DfT has now announced record funding to ensure even more are equipped with the s

Source: Gov.uk 22.01.22



Active Travel England (ATE), the government’s new cycling and walking executive agency has been launched with Olympic gold medallist and cyclist Chris Boardman as interim commissioner. The agency aims to create safer streets for cycling and walking to boost air quality and help improve the health and wellbeing of the nation.

Chris Boardman will

Source: Ageing-better.org 04.10.21



According to a new report, 'Best foot forward' published by the Centre for Ageing Better, too many people in their 50s and 60s will remain physically inactive unless we re-design our neighbourhoods to encourage walking and cycling. The report, which looked at the barriers people in this age group face to walking and cycling, says that action is need

Source: Gov.uk 22.09.2021



This statistical release from the Department for Transport presents information on walking and cycling in England in 2020 using data from the 2020 National Travel Survey (NTS) and the November 2019 to 2020 Active Lives Survey (ALS).

Key findings


·        Average walking trips decreased in 2020, whilst miles walked per person increased to their highest levels since 2002.


Source:Gov.wales 09.09.21



An electric bike pilot scheme that has received more than £1 million of funding from the Welsh Government is already helping local residents to swap their car for a bike in communities across Wales.

The electric bike loan scheme, run by Sustrans, offers a range of battery assisted electric bikes for free on long-term loan for local residents that do not cycle regularly or find the cost of elec

Source: Gov.uk 30.07.2021



This research, published by the Department for Transport, explores how to increase cycling behaviour following COVID-19 travel disruption.

The research sets out to develop policy options to convert high levels of cycling during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic into more long-term travel habits.

The report sets out

Source: Gov.uk 30.07.2021




This document reviews the progress made towards achieving the goals of the government’s Gear Change walking and cycling plan.

The report:

  • summarises what has been achieved
  • sets out evidence from a number of case studies
  • explains the benefits of the investment.

Source: NIHR 09.04.2021


Cycling at moderate intensity during dialysis could drastically improve the heart health of patients with kidney failure and result in significant savings for the NHS, according to new research by the University of Leicester supported by the charity Kidney Research UK and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Leicester Biomedical Research Centre.

Patients in the CYCLE-H

Source: World Health Organisation June 21



On World Bicycle Day, celebrated on 3 June, the World Health Organization (WHO) highlights a new master plan that calls countries to acknowledge cycling as an equal mode of transport and to double the level of cycling by 2030. The Pa

Source: Kidney International April 21



Cycling at moderate intensity during dialysis could drastically improve the heart health of patients with kidney failure and result in significant savings for the NHS, according to new research by the University of Leicester supported by the charity Kidney Research UK and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Leicester Biomedical Research Centre.

Patients in the CYCLE-HD st

Cycling has proved its worth during the pandemic, as a safe and socially distanced way for people to get exercise and as a means to travel to work and for other essential journeys. However, 74% of people from ethnic minority groups living in our 12 Bike Life cities and towns do not currently cycle. This compares to 37% of White people. Source: Sustrans, July 2020
The recent COVID-19 restrictions have profoundly impacted the way people live, work and travel as evidenced by the public’s desire to be more active, and the rise in popularity of cycling and walking (Sport England, 2020). Now, we can embed those changes in people’s travel behaviour, increase active travel, and transform permanently how many people move around, particularly in towns and cities. Source: gov.uk, July 2020
As the Prime Minister set out his ambition for the country’s recovery in the West Midlands last week, the National Trust, the Mayor of the West Midlands, Sustrans, Create Streets and local council leaders[3] have written to him urging a £5.5billion commitment to an urban green infrastructure fund to level up access to urban green space as part of his “infrastructure revolution”. Source: National Trust, July 2020