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Primary care exercise interventions help boost physical activity levels and reduce weight in adults

Source: NCSEM 24.02.22



Researchers from Loughborough University's Centre for Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour (CLiMB), led by Dr Victoria Kettle, has found that exercise interventions delivered in primary care boost levels of moderate to vigorous intensity activity in adults by an average of 14 minutes a week. While this seems modest, even small increases in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity help reduce the risk of diseases and death.

The World Health Organization guidance recommends a minimum of 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity a week. But evidence suggests that in most countries, physical activity programmes have been ineffective, with one in four adults insufficiently physically active.

As most adults visit their general practice once year, health professionals are well placed to routinely prompt and provide physical activity interventions to patients. However, previous studies have reported mixed results and few have investigated their effect on increasing moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity.

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