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Source: Healthy London Partnership     January 2017


This document complements the HLP self-care resource “Steps towards implementing self-care: A resource for the NHS” (available in early 2017) and provides additional information and resources to support local action on social prescribing. It is aimed primarily at NHS commissioners but is likely to be useful to others involved in local partnerships which are crucial to the success of social prescribing. The Healthy London Partnership (HLP) is sharing this resource to support planning of new provision or the development, evaluation and scaling up of existing social prescribing schemes. It offers practical advice and information based on what is currently known and is being offered as ‘work-in-progress’ to which both local partnerships and national networks will continue to add over coming months and years. Commissioners and leaders across sectors are encouraged to initiate or expand their own work in this area, sharing their experience and learning, and continuing to engage with the Social Prescribing Network as it develops additional national guidance and resources. Different models for social prescribing exist. This document is designed to assist decision making and implementation in ways which best reflect local needs and local assets. It focuses primarily on people with long term health conditions, but the principles and practice are more widely applicable, including for prevention. It is also designed to be read with the Healthy London Partnership’s Personalisation and Self-Care Case for Change (Healthy London Partnership 2016)4 which calls for improved investment in person-centred and community-centred approaches. Healthy London Partnership sees social prescribing as a key vehicle to increase public utilisation of these resources.

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