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Source: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/07448481.2019.1665054?journalCode=vach20

Objective: We examined differences and associations between physical fitness and behavioral factors with obesity in a multi-ethnic student population. 

Participants: Study population included non-Hispanic whites (NHW, n = 1,454); Hispanics (n = 1,436) and Asians (n = 1,016) at a metropolitan university from Fall 2006 to Fall 2013. 

Methods: Analyses of Variance and regression analyses, utilizing cross-sectional data, measured the association between fitness, and behavior with obesity. 

Results: BMI differences (p < .05) were observed between NHW (23.17 ± 3.67), Hispanics (24.32 ± 3.67), and Asians (22.92 ± 4.12). Fitness parameters, relative VO2 max, % body fat, and total fitness score were significantly (p < .0001) associated with obesity. Stress was strongly significantly associated with obesity in Hispanics (p < .001) and somewhat in NHW. 

Conclusions: Obesity disparities persist in college. Physical fitness and stress management interventions should be targeted towards Hispanic and NHW college students, which may curb current and/or adult-onset obesity.

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