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'We can move' Impact Report 2019



Physical inactivity now kills as many people as smoking and was found to cost the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups £455 million in 2013-2014 nationally, and £4.7 million in
Gloucestershire1. Many major health issues in the UK can be avoided through increased physical activity.

Regular activity can reduce:
— risk of hip fractures by 68%
— type 2 diabetes by 40%
— heart disease by 35%
— depression by 30%.

For children and young people, regular physical activity is associated with improved learning and attainment, better mental health, a cardiovascular fitness and contributes towards a healthy weight. 22.1% of adults in Gloucestershire are inactive and a third don’t do enough to benefit their health.And there are significant inequalities in activity levels amongst different groups:

30% of people aged over 55 years old are inactive
33% of people living in the areas amongst the 20% most deprived in the country are inactive
22% of people from black and minority ethnic groups are inactive
37% of people with life-limiting disabilities are inactive.

Focussing our effort on those who are least active will bring the biggest step change in health and wellbeing.



Annex_costs_of_physical_inactivity_2013to2014_and_2012to2013 (1).xls

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