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PA messaging may play a valuable role improving population PA levels. However, it is a complex and multidimensional concept and greater understanding is still needed. We present a synthesis of the existing evidence, highlighting key areas where evidence has accumulated and where gaps lie, as well as recommendations for PA messaging to different population subgroups. Source: BMC journal, April 2020

Source: Active Gloucestershire research

March 2020

Trends surrounding Covid-19 Tillisons report 27.3.2020.pdf

Trends surrounding Covid-19

The list below is in order of the most dominant themes being discussed on social media about Coronavirus at present (26/03/20)

1 = most dominant
10 = least dominant

1. Fear of losing jobs and income (job security)
2. A family member becoming ill
3. Not seeing family or friends for a long period of time
4. Bills and payments security
5. Panic buying in stores - havi

Physiotherapists integrated promotion of physical activity, however there is a poor understanding of brief interventions and poor knowledge of PA guidelines. They also were not meeting current PA recommendations themselves Source: https://bmjopensem.bmj.com/content/bmjosem/3/1/e000290.full.pdf (September 2017)
Despite its importance, PA support and promotion is not always prioritised. MDTs lack confidence in their ability to promote PA. Standardised advice and training relating to optimal intensities, durations and types of PA would provide a baseline from which to individualise advice to each patient and could increase confidence in PA promotion among MDTs. Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S003194061930032X (March 2020)
We need to be aware of the benefits of physical activity and simple methods of physical activity promotion, so we can take advantage of any opportunity to promote a more physically active lifestyle. By educating our future physiotherapists at the University of Canberra to promote physical activity at any opportunity, we plan to make every contact count. Source: https://www.physiosforpa.com/post/physiotherapy-students-need-to-know-why-we-prescribe-physical-activity-an-interview-with-dr-freene (
Beat the Street is an inclusive, fun and motivating initiative that connects people with their local environment and encourages individuals to walk, cycle or scoot with family or friends to  collect points. Beat the Street Gloucester aims to increase physical activity amongst children and adults. (January 2020)
On International Women’s Day in March,  we published our evaluation of the Sporting Equality Fund, a £325,000 set of grants from the Scottish government to get more girls and women participating in physical activity. Fourteen organisations were awarded up to £25,000 for year-long projects – all were asked to look at how participation increased wellbeing. Across the fund as a whole, we saw average life satisfaction go up from 6.9 to 8.0 out of 10, with similar rises across the other three ONS wel