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young people (7)

Source: National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine
February 2021

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) and The Prince’s Trust have published a major study on the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Generation Z. Based on data from the Millennium Cohort Study and supported by Tesco, the report reveals new insights into the determinants of young people’s wellbeing, including how it is affected by their relationships, background and use of social media.

The study examines the personal

It is understood that those in lower income households have acutely felt the impact of the pandemic and lockdown both economically and in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. Young people who live in those neighbourhoods, shared their experiences, worries and opinions about life during and after the Covid lockdown. Source: Street Games June 2020
The intervention attenuated an increase in %BF and a decrease in CRF among girls at risk for obesity from baseline to postintervention. Offering the after-school PA club 2 d/wk may be adequate for achieving outcomes. Source: Sage Publications April 2020
Some young people there are huge barriers to digital engagement. Youth organisations have been quick to adapt their services and have been at the forefront of supporting the wider emergency response, often redeploying their staff to distribute emergency care packages, support emergency services and transform their buildings into foodbanks. This report also shows an urgent need for emergency funding to be able to keep the doors open of their services in the long term. Source: UK Youth April 20