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Source: Active Gloucestershire research

March 2020

Trends surrounding Covid-19 Tillisons report 27.3.2020.pdf

Trends surrounding Covid-19

The list below is in order of the most dominant themes being discussed on social media about Coronavirus at present (26/03/20)

1 = most dominant
10 = least dominant

1. Fear of losing jobs and income (job security)
2. A family member becoming ill
3. Not seeing family or friends for a long period of time
4. Bills and payments security
5. Panic buying in stores - having enough food to live comfortably
6. How long will the disease last
7. What are the repercussions after the disease
8. Fake facts, news and rumours in the media creating panic
9. Coping with uncertain changes
10. Events being forced upon individuals


Using Google Trends, we are able to see the topics from around the world people are talking about at any given time.

Topics trending on Google and other search engines are more than likely to be the same as the topics trending on Social Media as they are what people are interested in at that point in time. Social Media channels can act as a search engine of their own. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to find the same data for trending topics on a certain social media platform but watching current trends on Google will give you the best idea for what people are talking about, on a daily basis.

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