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The pair of ACE's tree

Pair of ACEs Tree

Open pdf for more information >> Pair of ACEs Tree.pdf

For further information on Gloucestershire Action on ACE's project go to https://www.actionaces.org/


The BCR Pair of ACEs tree image grew out of the need to illustrate the relationship
between adversity within a family and adversity within a community. The leaves on
the tree represent the ‘symptoms’ of ACEs that are easily recognized in clinical,
educational and social service settings, such as a well child visit or a pre-school
classroom. Adverse childhood experiences can increase a person’s risk for chronic
stress and adverse coping mechanisms, and result in lifelong chronic illness such as
depression, heart disease, obesity and substance abuse. Physical or sexual violence,
and abuse or neglect are often less obvious but can exist as chronic stressors.

The tree is planted in poor soil that is steeped in systemic inequities, robbing it of
nutrients necessary to support a thriving community. Adverse community
environments such as a lack of affordable and safe housing, community violence,
systemic discrimination, and limited access to social and economic mobility
compound one another, creating a negative cycle of ever worsening soil that results
in withering leaves on the tree.

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