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Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/walking-and-cycling-statistics-england-2019

5th August 2020



Statistics on walking and cycling statistics in England for 2019. This statistical release is based on 2 main sources:

  • National Travel Survey
  • Active Lives Survey

Results from the National Travel Survey in 2019 show that:

  • people made an average of 332 walking stages and walked an average of 205 miles
  • people on average have walked less than the previous year, after increasing in recent years.
  • people made an average of 17 cycling trips and cycled an average of 54 miles
  • people cycled 41% further compared to 2002

Results from the Active Lives Survey in the year ending mid-November 2019 show that:

  • 71% of adults in England reported walking at least once a week
  • nearly all (98%) local authorities had at least 60% of their adult population walking at least once a week
  • 11% of adults in England reported cycling at least once a week
  • in most local authorities (96%) less than 20% the adult population reported cycling at least once a week

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Walking and cycling statistics

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