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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a problem that has been with us for a long time. Results from COVID-19 research must apply to everyone in the community who will be a candidate for treatment or prevention, and BAME individuals—often over-represented in the toll of the disease—should be an integral part of that effort. Source: The Lancet, June 2020
Although the theme of the ‘local’ and ‘self-sufficient’ is the official line, the language adopted in the promotion of garden villages makes great play of their strategic location for long distance commuting, near such and such motorway junction or within easy reach of such and such fast road. The developments are generally in the wrong location for sustainable modes of transport. Land to build might be cheap in the middle of the countryside, with public money to ‘open up land’ by funding major
The BCR Pair of ACEs tree image grew out of the need to illustrate the relationship between adversity within a family and adversity within a community. The leaves on the tree represent the ‘symptoms’ of ACEs that are easily recognized in clinical, educational and social service settings, such as a well child visit or a pre-school classroom. Adverse childhood experiences can increase a person’s risk for chronic stress and adverse coping mechanisms, and result in lifelong chronic illness such
It is understood that those in lower income households have acutely felt the impact of the pandemic and lockdown both economically and in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. Young people who live in those neighbourhoods, shared their experiences, worries and opinions about life during and after the Covid lockdown. Source: Street Games June 2020
This project will produce Australia’s first framework for national action to increase and monitor population level physical activity. It will inform policy by testing innovative programs to promote physical activity, including their scalability to population level interventions. Source: The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre April 2020
This report highlights the role the National Association of Link Workers (NALW) can play in coordinating link worker support and development across the UK and providing peer support, networking and professional development support that link workers need whilst juggling all the relationships, information and skills that they need in order to keep successfully supporting their service users.